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adventure aquarium


Welcome to KidZone, a dedicated space that encourages kids 6 and under to connect with nature by getting hand’s on.  In fact, we’ve designed every last inch of KidZone to appeal children’s’ natural curiosity to explore.  The exhibit features a collection of vibrant and colorful animal species, as well a bright and cheerful décor, lower exhibit heights for easy viewing and interactive games, activities and touch experiences that promote learning through play.  Along the way, meet the AquaPals: Gill, a curious shark and Adventure Aquarium’s official shark mascot; Lizzie, a music-loving hippo; Shelldon, a quirky sea turtle, and Bobbi, a lovable penguin. 

KidZone is home to a beautiful and bizarre collection of animal species, including uniquely designed “pop-up” exhibits that allow children and kneeling adults to crawl underneath for an insider’s view of the fish.  Enjoy brilliant displays of color in motion from inside the exhibit, or pop up inside the darkened exhibit for a special treat – a “lights out” view of one of our newer species, Flashlight Fish!  Catch a glimpse of these magical creatures, which resemble dancing lights in the night sky thanks to bioluminescent bacteria stored below the fish’s eyes that glows in the dark.  KidZone is also home to an impressive living coral reef collection, as well as alien-looking Cuttlefish, adorable Clownfish, dancing Ribbon Eels, wondrous Seahorses and more.  

Finally, a space just for kids, who will surely want to jump, climb, crawl and play their way through!

Gills Clubhouse