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adventure aquarium

Creature Feature

Immerse yourself into this recreation of an inter-tidal marine ecosystem, where you can reach your hands into the cool water to TOUCH invertebrates from the rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest, including exotic and colorful sea stars, anemones, sea cucumbers, shrimp, crabs, snails and more.

Not only can you touch the residents of Creature Feature, an Adventure Aquarium Animal Experience Specialist is on hand to answer questions and share animal fun facts, like how Sea anemones attach to the bottom to the surface by using an adhesive foot, why a Sculpin’s eyes are on the upper side of its head, how Sea cucumbers crawl across the sea floor using hundreds of tiny suction-cup tube feet, or why Sea Stars eject their stomachs…daily!  

From massive shrimp to colorful sea stars and so much more, Creature Feature allows guests to roll up their sleeves to actually become a part of the aquarium experience.