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Caribbean Currents

Are you ready to be transported to an underwater tropical island oasis?  Take a journey from the coastal swamps and back bays of the U.S. to the depths of the ocean floor to meet the vibrant residents of this island reef community.  Caribbean Currents, located in Zone A, showcases 15 individual warm-water exhibits, each teaming with beautiful and exotic sea creatures that are best described as “breathtaking!” 

Experience Northern Diamondback Terrapin Turtles as they gracefully cascade through the water, marvel at the simplicity of the Horseshoe Crab, or encounter beautiful schooling reef fish like Lookdowns, Permits and Atlantic Spadefish.  , or see a shipwreck teeming with vibrant sea life.  Catch a glimpse of sea life “under the boardwalk,” to see a striking collection of reef fish, including Bluehead Wrasse, French Grunts, High Hats and Sergeant Majors.  Caribbean Currents is also home to our popular Seahorse exhibit, as well as magnificent Caribbean reef exhibits that dazzle with movement and color, like French Angelfish, Blue Tang, and the always adorable Balloon or “Puffer” fish, as well as some of the more odd-looking reef dwellers, like Buffalo Trunkfish, which don striking honeycomb patterns, or Scrawled Cowfish, which have wiggly blue lines on its neon yellow body to help it blend in with colorful reef surroundings. Speaking of blending in, be sure to check out some of the more mysterious residents of Caribbean Currents, like Green Moray Eels and Yellow Garden Eels, which look like sea grass as they burrow in the sand.

Whether you’re a novel fish fan or a die-hard fish enthusiast, Caribbean Currents offers something exciting for each and every guest.