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  • AFrican Bullfrog

    African Bullfrog

    Found typically in savannas, subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and freshwater lakes and marshes, this large frog is known to reach average weights of 3 – 4 pounds. More details

  • frog

    Amazon Milk Frog

    The name “Milk Frog” comes from the poisonous white secretion this frog produces when threatened. Milk frogs are a light gray color with brown and black banding. Juveniles will show a stronger contrast in colors which will fade as they mature. More details

  • American Bullfrog

    American Bullfrog

    During Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, guests are encouraged to learn about and come face to face with a frog species that can be found in our very own backyard. More details

  • Argentine Horned Frog

    Argentine Horned Frog

    KidZone’s Frog Alley is also home to the ornate Argentine Horned Frogs. Horned frogs rarely move. They hide on the forest floor, partially covered with leaves, waiting for a potential meal to scurry by. More details

  • axolotl


    Perhaps one of the quirkiest characters during Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, Axolotls are a must-see for visitors to Zone C. Axolotls live in remote mountain lakes and waterways in Mexico. More details

  • frogs

    Blue Poison Dart Frog

    Within our collection of brilliantly colored dart frogs during Frogs: Nature’s Messenger, is the aptly named blue poison dart frog, also known as the blue poison arrow frog, a dart frog found in the forests of South America. More details

  • Cane Toad

    Cane Toad

    The Cane Toad is also commonly known as the Marine or Giant Toad, and it actually one of the largest toads in all of North America – capable of reaching average lengths of 7 inches. More details

  • Cinnamon Tree Frog

    Cinnamon Tree Frog

    Swing by KidZone (Zone C) during Frogs: Nature’s Messenger and catch more than a glimpse at the bizarre Cinnamon Tree Frog. If you were to look at this spotted tree frog’s belly, you would be able to see their heart, liver and other internal organs. More details

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