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What to do

  • Positively Penguins

    Positively Penguins

    Are you a penguin-lover or know someone who is? Then get set for our "Positively Penguins" Adventure, as we offer an up-close encounter with our Black-footed African Penguins that is unlike anything you've ever experienced! More details

  • Sea Turtles Up Close

    Sea Turtles Up Close

    An interactive tour giving guests the opportunity to enter the world of a sea turtle. Go behind-the-scenes and help care for, train and feed sea turtles from the top of our Ocean Realm Exhibit. Meet and learn more about these fascinating species, including our rescued Loggerhead hatchling, and one-year old Loggerhead Ozzy. More details

  • Feeding Fury

    Swim with Sharks

    Enter our Shark Realm exhibit for Adventure Aquarium's renowned Swim with the Sharks Adventure, where you’ll come within inches of sandbar sharks, nurse sharks and more. Then once you have snorkeled the perimeter of the Shark Realm, you’ll enter the Stingray Lagoon where you can swim with and feed dozens of stingrays. More details