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Common Name:
Star Tortoise

Soecies Name:
Geochelone elegans

Smooth or fairly bumpy, with higher domed carapace. Radiating star pattern on shell.

Terrestrial, native to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka


Dry savanna and deciduous forest habitats

Herbivorous: Feeds mostly on grass, weeds and succulents

Star Tortoise

Introducing the Star Tortoise – a beautiful and delicate species, and one of the most unique members of Adventure Aquarium’s reptile collection. Found in dry areas and scrub forests of India and Sri Lanka, the Star Tortoise’s natural diet is herbivorous, feeding on a diet of grasses, fruit, flowers and succulent plant leaves.

Female Stars are considerably larger than their male counterparts. In addition, the female plastron is much flatter than that of the males, which has a concave shape. The Star Tortoise belongs to a group of tortoises known for their distinguishing, radiating pattern on their shells. This star pattern on their shells blends especially well with tufts of grass, serving as a form of camouflage for the tortoise.

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International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Status:
Least Concern