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Penguins (even our juveniles!) eat 20% of their body weight in one sitting! Watch it happen live during one of our daily feeds and hear our biologists talk about these fascinating creatures.

Free shows daily 11:15 am (plus, 3:45 pm on Saturdays and Sundays)

Juvenile Penguins

Adventure Aquarium visitors can now get up close to four of the youngest members of the Aquarium family. Stop by and say hello to our very own 'Fab Four' - juvenile penguins Pumpkin, Patch, Cornelius and Saba, now on exhibit full time at Penguin Island (Zone B).

It was recently revealed that these four and six-month old birds were all boys! Since there is no visible difference between male and female African penguins, at Adventure Aquarium, gender is determined by a DNA test when the penguin has reached certain minimums for age and weight.

Visitors have the chance to stop by and say ‘hi’ to the little guys at Penguin Island. Check out a penguin feed (daily 11:15, with an extra show at 3:45 on the weekends) or better yet – spend some time watching them swim, which young penguins love to do!

You will be able to tell them apart from the other penguins because they’re a dark bluish grey and white in color, instead of the traditional black and white.