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Common Name:
African Black-Footed Penguin

Species Name:
Spheniscus demersus


Up to 28 inches tall, 4.5 to 11 pounds.

Rocky shores, on either the mainland or on 24 islands off the coast of South Africa.

Small fish, small crustaceans, and squid. They obtain water from their food.

Fun Fact:
Every African Penguin has black spots on its white belly, and no two penguins have the exact same spots, just like human fingerprints.

On Exhibit:
Penguin Island - Adventure Zone B

Penguin Chick Casanova

Meet African Penguin chick ‘Casanova’ – the newest (and youngest) member of the Adventure Aquarium family.

Casanova was born January 11 to parents Kali and Tyson. This is the first hatchling for Kali and Tyson, who were paired back in 2009 through the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s (AZA’s) African penguin Species Survival Plan (SSP), a program that encourages zoos and aquariums to work in concert to help ensure the survival of African Penguins through a scientifically-controlled breeding program. Since we began working with the program in 1998, Adventure Aquarium has successfully bred and raised fourteen African Black footed penguin chicks.

When Casanova was born, he weighed in at about 2 ounces and was roughly the size of a golf ball. But he’s growing by leaps and bounds! In fact, you can follow his progress on Facebook, where we feature weekly progress updates every Friday.

Guests can meet Casanova when he makes cameo appearances after daily Penguin Feeds. He is expected to be on exhibit full time come late spring 2013.