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If it’s not enough to simply see Sharks up close at Adventure Aquarium, you also have the rare opportunity to actually TOUCH and FEEL certain species in our Touch-a-Shark exhibit, sponsored by Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey. 

Among these species are our Bamboo Sharks, including: 

White Spotted Bamboo Sharks – Able to grow up to 3 feet long, White-spotted Bamboo Sharks are nocturnal and prey on small fish and invertebrates at night. The White-spotted Bamboo Sharks natural banded and spotted camouflaging, makes the inshore coral reefs a safe place to hide. 

Brown Banded Bamboo Sharks – Able to grow up to 3 ½ feet long, young Brown-banded Bamboo Sharks have dark stripes along its bodies. However, as they mature into adulthood, the stripes fade. The Brown-banded Bamboo Sharks can be found hiding in the crevices of inshore coral reefs.