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    Bamboo Sharks

    Get up close with White Spotted Bamboo and Brown Banded Bamboo Sharks in our Touch-a-Shark Exhibit, presented by Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey. More details

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    Bonnethead Sharks

    A new species to Adventure Aquarium, Bonnetheads are one of the most abundant sharks in south Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, and they can typically be found in shallow bays and mangrove communities. More details

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    Great Hammerhead Shark

    Adventure Aquarium has the distinction of being the only aquarium in the United States with a Great Hammerhead Shark on exhibit. Visit our 750,000 gallon Ocean Realm Exhibit and you will have the unique and rare opportunity to come face to face with not just one, but two Great Hammerheads. More details

  • Mexican Horn Shark

    Mexican Horn Shark

    The Mexican Horn Shark is a species of Bullhead Shark that can typically be found off the coastal waters off the western coast of North America, from California to the Gulf of California. More details

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    Nurse Sharks

    Nurse Sharks are typically known as bottom-dwelling species, but can be easily observed from our 40’ shark tunnel in Shark Realm. More details

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    Zebra Sharks

    Zebra Sharks, which can be found in our 750,000 Ocean Realm Exhibit, and in nearby Caribbean Currents in Zone A - are large, bottom-oriented sharks living in Pacific coral reefs. More details

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    Sand Tiger Sharks

    In our 550,000 gallon Shark Realm Exhibit and throughout our 40 foot shark tunnel, guests can come face to face with Sand Tigers - large, slow-moving sharks notable for their jagged, visibly menacing appearance. More details

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    Sandbar Sharks

    In our 550,000 gallon Shark Realm Exhibit and throughout our 40 foot shark tunnel, guests can see a number of different shark species, including Sandbar (also known as Brown) Sharks, one of the biggest coastal sharks in the world. More details

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