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  • Penguins

    African Black-Footed Penguins

    They’re cute. They walk funny. They’re flightless. But these little guys sure can swim. They’re African Penguins and you can find them at Penguin Island! More details

  • Chambered nautilus

    Chambered Nautilus

    This fascinating species is referred to as a “living fossil” since it’s remained virtually unchanged for millions of years. More details

  • Giant isopod

    Giant Isopod

    Our Dinosaurs of the Deep exhibit includes larger-than-life, insect-like giant isodpods, deep sea species that can reach sizes anywhere between 7.5 - 14 inches. More details

  • Longspine snipefish

    Longspine Snipefish

    Found worldwide in tropical to subtropical waters of the Atlantic, Indian and west Pacific Oceans, the longspine snipefish are known for their reddish pink dorsals and silver bellies. More details

  • Pinecone Fish

    Pinecone Fish

    Pinecone fish are known for their intricate designs, and receive their descriptive name from the enlarged, strong large platelike scales, called scutes, that cover their oval shaped bodies. More details

  • Fly River

    Fly River Turtle

    Enter Adventure Aquarium’s Caribbean Currents exhibit and you’ll find the Aquarium’s ONLY completely aquatic fresh water turtle – the magnificent Fly River Turtle. More details

  • Orinoco Crocodiles

    Orinoco Crocodiles

    Visit Crocodile River to come face to face with a critically-endangered and rarely-exhibit crocodile species from South America. More details

  • Thumb

    African Crested Porcupine

    African Crested Porcupines, like the ones you can find on exhibit in our West African River Experience, are the largest rodents in Africa, and the biggest porcupines on Earth. More details

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