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  • Penguins

    African Black-Footed Penguins

    They’re cute. They walk funny. They’re flightless. But these little guys sure can swim. They’re African Penguins and you can find them at Penguin Island! More details

  • Fab Four

    Juvenile Penguins

    Adventure Aquarium visitors can now get up close to four of the youngest members of the Aquarium family. Stop by and say hello to our very own 'Fab Four' - juvenile penguins Pumpkin, Patch, Cornelius and Saba, now on exhibit full time at Penguin Island (Zone B). More details

  • Orinoco Crocodiles

    Orinoco Crocodiles

    Visit Crocodile River to come face to face with a critically-endangered and rarely-exhibit crocodile species from South America. More details

  • Thumb

    African Crested Porcupine

    African Crested Porcupines, like the ones you can find on exhibit in our West African River Experience, are the largest rodents in Africa, and the biggest porcupines on Earth. More details

  • Thumb

    Bamboo Sharks

    Get up close with White Spotted Bamboo and Brown Banded Bamboo Sharks in our Touch-a-Shark Exhibit, presented by Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey. More details

  • Loggerhead

    Loggerhead Sea Turtle Hatchling

    Meet our newest rehab & release animal: a 3-month old loggerhead sea turtle hatchling rescued off the coast of North Carolina. More details

  • turtles

    Mata Mata Turtle

    Visit KidZone (Zone C) to meet the quirky Mata Mata turtle, a freshwater species found in South America, primarily in the Amazon and Orinoco basins.

    More details

  • turtles

    Snake Neck Turtle

    Visit Zone A to come face to face with one of the most fascinating members of this limited time exhibit. Meet the Australian Snake-neck Turtle - also known as the Common Long-neck Turtle. More details

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