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See more than 20 colorful, quirky amphibian species, now through April 27 at Adventure Aquarium.

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Frogs: Nature's Messenger - Daily Activities and Fun

Frogs: Nature’s Messenger gives guests the chance to come face-to-face with frogs of all types, sizes and vivid colors. Spot frogs from tiny to enormous and freakish to fantastic, from the beautiful Red-Eyed Tree frog to the tiny but memorable Golden Poison Dart frog - considered the most poisonous of all living creatures. You’ll meet other members of the amphibian family too, including the massive Cane toad and the huge African bullfrog, which is the size of a dinner plate and can eat a mouse whole! Meanwhile, fun and interactive activities provide engaging and educational opportunities for guests, who will learn more about the evolution, biology, natural habitats and unique characteristics of their favorite amphibian friends.

Here's a rundown of the daily activities and fun programming you can enjoy during a visit to Frogs: Nature's Messenger, now through April 27:


Frog ButtonMeet our Colorful Characters

From the colorful and quirky to the bizarre and beautiful, get up close (within inches!) of more than 20 exotic amphibians from around the world, including poison dart frogs, bullfrogs, tree frogs, leaf frogs, toads, salamanders, newts and more!



Frog ButtonFrog Talks

Adventure Aquarium's Animal Experience Specialists and Biologists take you inside the fascinating world of frogs. With special props and interactives, our team explains why frogs matter, what they're trying to tell us, and that 'they may be tiny, but they demand our respect! Showtimes throughout the day.


Frog ButtonSpecial Frog Encounters

Go 'beyond the glass' and meet some of our frog species in person! Adventure Aquarium's team of Animal Experience Specialists and Biologists will make random appearances with amphibians throughout the day, and will give you the complete 411 on each unique species. Showtimes throughout the day.

Frog ButtonFrogger

The classic arcade game, with a twist! You and your friends can try your luck at our very own Frogger station, re-imagined as a high-energy, foot-stomping fun game! Available in the Ribbit Room.


Frog ButtonAdventure Guide

Enhance your visit by downloading a copy of our educational and fun "Frog Adventure Guide," prepared by the New Jersey Academy of Aquatic Sciences - Adventure Aquarium's educational partner. Print the guide from home and follow along with it during your visit. DOWNLOAD NOW. Don't forget the ANSWER KEY!