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adventure aquarium
  • daily activities

    African Penguin Feed and Talk

    Showtimes Daily Penguin Island

    African Penguins eat 20% of their body weight in one sitting! Watch it happen live during one of our daily feeds and hear our biologists talk about these fascinating creatures.

    More details

  • Hippo Haven

    Hippo Feed and Talk

    Showtimes Daily Hippo Haven

    Watch as our biologists provide a Q & A and toss treats to Nile Hippos Button and Genny in our all-new Hippo Haven exhibit. More details

  • Little Blue Feed

    Little Blue Penguin Feed

    Showtimes Daily Little Blue Beach

    Swing by our all-new Little Blue Beach exhibit (Zone A) to meet little blues, aka - the CUTEST. PENGUINS. EVER. and watch biologists feed our little blue penguin colony during your visit. More details

  • daily activities

    Meet the Divers!

    Showtimes Daily Ocean Realm Theater

    Meet members of Adventure Aquarium's dive team and find out what keeps them moving through the water. More details

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