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Dinosaurs of the Deep

Something BIG is coming this winter! Join us this January as we kick off our newest, limited-time exhibit event: Dinosaurs of the Deep. Millions of years ago on a planet covered primarily by water, enormous and deadly prehistoric marine reptiles ruled the Jurassic seas while their dinosaur counterparts walked the earth. Many people know about T-Rex, Brachiosaurus and Velociraptor but do you know about Icthyosaurus, Tylosaurus and the mighty Liopleurodon? There was a whole world of prehistoric creatures hunting the oceans, as vicious and fascinating as their terrestrial cousins; and often twice the size.

Dinosaurs of the Deep is your chance to discover and learn more about these amazing animals with an immersive, larger-than-life experience that will bring you face-to-face with more than 20 monsters of the deep. Along the way, visitors will witness 5,000 square feet of life-sized species, ancient fossils, a coral reef teeming with prehistoric animals, interactive activities, and more, all included with General Admission. Available for a limited time only starting January 16.

Exhibit highlights include:

    • Life-sized replicas Come face-to-face with life-sized replicas of some of the most ferocious and feared species that ever lived, including a 42-foot Elasmosaurus, 20-foot Kronosaurus, 21-foot Zygorhiza, 16-foot Dunkleosteus and 34-foot Liopleurodon whose teeth were 4 inches long, each.
    • Interactive, educational stations Visit our interactive dioramas, where visitors can explore a variety of modern species of sharks (including life-size replicas of 10 species) and find out what they have in common with their ancient counterparts. Then, compare replicas of the largest sea turtles that ever lived and learn more about these incredible species. Witness an 8-foot leatherback turtle and leatherback turtle skeleton, a 5-foot Protostega skeleton and 14-foot Archelon. 
    • Giant prehistoric reef teeming with ancient lifeforms Just what did the Jurassic seas look like beneath the surface? Explore our 40-foot prehistoric reef, recreating this ancient ecosystem. Meet and learn more about the creatures, trilobites and prehistoric fish who inhabited these ancient seas. 
    • New species Get to know the newest, living inhabitants of our Dinosaurs of the Deep exhibit, including the beautifully intricate chambered nautilus, larger-than-life deep sea isopods, plus our mysterious giant Pacific octopus, spectacular jellies, and more! 

Dinosaurs of the Deep

Get to know some of the "dinosaurs" you'll see up close during a visit to Dinosaurs of the Deep this winter