The excitement continues in Adventure Aquarium’s 3D Theater, sponsored by PSE&G. The 3D theater is a one-of-a-kind movie 3D projection experience, providing an immersive, trilling experience that’s fun for the whole family!





Octonauts: Amazon Adventure: The 3D Experience

Join the Octonauts as they travel deep down the Amazon River in search of a lost city and Kawzii's long lost grandfather, Calico Jack. 


Coastal Predators


Coastal Predators: A 3D Experience

It is the greatest gathering of ocean predators on the planet. Dolphins, sharks, whales and seals converge to feast along the breathtaking South African coast in one of nature’s most amazing events. Coastal Predators: A 3-D Experience® is an astonishing underwater Armageddon. Each year billions of sardines are pushed into the shallows as the ocean’s most incredible animals forego natural instincts towards each other to come together for a common quest. Without the annual sardine run, the lives of the animals caught up in the drama hang in the balance. Stunning visuals and high octane action with a 3-D effect bring this great spectacle to life as you dive into this feeding frenzy of epic proportions.