Scalloped Hammerhead

Size: Up to 14 feet long
Habitat/Range: Tropical and subtropical waters worldwide
IUCN Status: Endangered


Our young scalloped hammerheads are approximately four and a half feet in length and are an endangered species. The maximum size for these sharks is reported to be 14 feet, but on average they will grow to approximately 10 to 12 feet.  The creases in the cephalofoil (hammer) resemble that of a scallop, hence the name.  Scalloped hammerheads are known to form large schools, which is different from the great hammerhead, which tends to be more solitary. Their population decline is the result of overfishing and the demand for shark fins, often used to make shark fin soup.  Scalloped hammerheads are found off the coast of New Jersey and are found in warm temperate and tropical coastal waters.