Little Blue Penguin

Size: Up to 13 inches
Habitat/Range: Coastlines and inshore waters of southern Australia and New Zealand


On exhibit at Little Blue Beach in Zone A! Little blue penguins are the smallest species of penguin in the world, growing an average of 13 inches in height and weighing in at just 3 pounds on average. Their known for their striking slate-blue plumage, and their small stature has given them the nickname "fairy penguins." Little blues can be found along the coastlines and inshore waters of southern Australia and New Zealand. A diurnal species, they spend the largest part of their day swimming and foraging at sea. They also preen their feathers to keep them waterproof by rubbing a tiny drop of oil onto every feather via a special gland above their tails.


#AAQFeaturedCreature Facts

  •  The little blue penguin, also known as the little penguin or fairy penguin, is the smallest of the 18 species of penguin. It can be found in temperate waters near rocky shorelines in southern Australia and New Zealand.
  • Did you know Little Blue Beach is based on Phillip Island in Australia? Just 90 minutes southeast of Melbourne, Phillip Island is home to one of the largest little blue colonies in Australia.
  • The little blue penguin is highly adapted for life in the sea. Its blue and white countershading provides camouflage from ocean predators and prey.
  • On Phillip Island, the little blues spend most of their days swimming and hunting. Large groups leave land at dawn under cover of darkness, then return to land at dusk.
  • Little blues may be small but they have BIG appetites. Each bird can eat 15-20 whole fish a day!