Shark Awareness Weekend





Shark Awareness Weekend

Prepare yourself for this Memorial Day Weekend as we focus on the world’s most misunderstood predator. Shark Awareness Weekend is included with admission.


What's Planned for Shark Awareness Weekend?

Behind the Scenes Shark Video Did you know sharks get doctor’s check-ups? Want to learn more about sharks in the wild? Take a look at how we care for our sharks and how OCEARCH keeps track of sharks in the wild. 

Location: Ocean Realm Panoramic Window (Zone A)


Shark Egg and Epaulette Display – Did you know some sharks lay eggs? Wonder what a shark egg looks like? Take a dive into our various shark displays.
Location: Ocean Realm Panoramic Window (Zone A)


We’re Talking Sharks All Weekend – There is so much to learn about sharks – especially the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast. Learn all about their diet, teeth, lifespan and more! Please check your show guide for times.
Location: Shark Tunnel (Zone D)


Sharks: Fact or Fiction – Visit our Shark Fact or Fiction table where you will receive info and have to guess if it is fact or fiction. Get it right and take home a shark-tastic temporary tattoo!
Location: Blue Mile (Zone B)


*SOLD OUT* Shark & Ray In-Water Encounter for just $99 per person! Snorkel in Shark Realm alongside dozens of sharks. Space is limited, while supplies last. 
Location: Shark Shack (Zone D)


Spin and Win! – Donate $3 to OCEARCH and spin the wheel to win a custom I LOVE SHARKS mug, or other shark prizes!
Location: Ocean Realm Panoramic Window (Zone A)


Adoptable SharksWell, sort of…Adopt a shark during your visit! Receive a special adoption certificate, a shark plush and more! Proceeds benefit shark care and OCEARCH.
Location: The Gift Shop (Zone D)


Save sharks in the wild

All donations made will benefit OCEARCH, a non-profit organization with a global reach for unprecedented research on great white sharks and other large apex predators.

Founded in 2009, OCEARCH is a recognized world leader in collecting research and data to track and conduct biological studies of marine species, such as great white and tiger sharks. Their team goes on expeditions and tags sharks in the wild. They are then able to track each shark's movement through the ocean. OCEARCH also works to help educate and conduct conservation outreach.