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AAQ and NJAAS announce Installation of “Ocean Today” kiosk

(Camden, N.J.) – Adventure Aquarium, one of the country’s top aquariums and the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences (NJAAS), a leading regional educational institution, are pleased to announce the installation of a Coastal America “Ocean Today” kiosk to coincide with World Oceans Day on Friday, June 8, 2012.

Beginning this weekend, guests of Adventure Aquarium will be able to interact with a touch screen and 50” video monitor to access a wide range of content from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), including documentary and kid-friendly videos educating people on global and national conservation efforts.

In addition, guests can find out about locally-based efforts by the Aquarium and NJAAS to fight marine pollution, overfishing and habitat destruction in nearby waterways. “The Coastal America ‘Ocean Today’ kiosk provides an additional dimension in today's highly visual world to engage and educate our guests about the importance of protecting our coastal environment,” said Dave Littlehale, zoological operations manager at Adventure Aquarium.

“The Ocean Today kiosk will provide a new and exciting dimension of learning opportunity here at Adventure Aquarium,” said Brian DuVall, president and chief executive officer of the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences. “The NOAA content changes regularly and there is even the opportunity for us to participate in production of new content relating to our own conservation activities that can be streamed throughout North America. We are very proud to have the opportunity to include this important informational tool in the offerings of the Aquarium and to be able to roll it out on World Oceans Day.”

As a Coastal America Learning Center, Adventure Aquarium and the New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences focus on educating visitors about the nature and value of coastal resources. They are part of an international network of marine educational institutions addressing our growing coastal problems by creating a better informed public.

Coastal America, an interagency federal partnership that works to protect, preserve and restore the national coastal ecosystems, established the Learning Center network in 1996. The 24 designated Learning Centers work with federal partners to educate and engage the public in protecting coastal ecosystems.

Adventure Aquarium houses 200,000 square feet of public space, more than two million gallons of water and 431 species. The Aquarium and the Academy serve over 800,000 visitors annually and draw well over 300,000 participants to a wide variety of shows, movies, lessons, tours and field programs.