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Educator Inlet

NEW at Adventure Aquarium!

Educator InletThere's always more new things to see and do at Adventure Aquarium! Check out what's NEW and COMING SOON:

New Educator InletFROGS: Nature's Messenger
Now through April 27
Introduce your students to the remarkably diverse world of these amazing amphibians. Yours students will learn how frogs are indicators of environmental changes and what your students can do to make a difference.

Be sure to download our official Amphibian Almanac Exhibit Guide 

New Educator InletHippo Haven
Opening May 2014
Hippo Haven will immerse your students in an African river encounter full of sights and sounds. Here they will connect with the wonders of this amazing species. Learn how hippos spend their day in the wild and discover other animals that share their habitat. Then get up close and eye-to-eye with Genny and Button, the stars of Hippo Haven. Live presentations will feature the inside scoop on hippo care and enrichment. 


New Educator InletOrinoco Crocodiles
These conservation ambassadors, who made their debut this fall, are native to South America and easily recognizable by their long, sharp snouts and pale green eyes.

Download our Orinoco Crocodile FACT SHEET


New Educator InletGreat White Shark 4D
Open now!
This 20 minute 4D experience unravels the mystery of one of the ocean's most mysterious inhabitants. Plunge your students in the excitement, and explore this iconic predator on the verge of extinction. Travel around the world on a breathtaking encounter during Great White Shark 4D.