Senior Home Week

Come join us for Senior Home Week where you can receive a discounted ticket even with a group of less than 20. Journey to Piranha Falls for a unique multi-sensory experience of life on the Amazon River, virtually taking you deep into the largest rainforest on Earth without leaving New Jersey. Watch our school of 120 glittering red-bellied piranha swim below two beautiful waterfalls. See, hear and feel the change in weather as an intense rainstorm moves in. Enjoy this and tons of other indoor adventures while learning about sharks, sea turtles, hippos and 8,500 other aquatic species.

Join us Monday, September 25 to Friday, September 29, as we offer a special discount on aquarium tickets to residents and employees of Senior Homes. Prices are $14 per person* with a valid ID.




Groups of 10 or more or for more information, contact Brittany by email at or by phone at 856-365-3300 x7545.

*Admission rate applies to orders made in advance/online only. Walk-up customers will receive general admission prices. Price does not include tax or online fees.