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Animal Adoptions


Give the animal lover in your life a truly unique gift! Purchase a Shark, Hippo, or Penguin Animal Adoption and receive a certificate, plush and special extras. Proceeds go to help animals in the wild. Details below!

Online StoreAdopt-a-Penguin 

Package includes an official Certificate of Adoption for one of our 24 African Black-Footed Penguins, bio/fact sheet with your penguin’s name, date of birth, age, parents, siblings, offspring, identifying behaviors and personality traits, color photo of your new “Penguin Pal," a "Penguin Painting" – a reproduction of original artwork created by the fancy footwork of your penguin, and an adorable penguin plush! More details...

PRICE: $50.00  Adventure Aquarium Icon

Deluxe Penguin Adoption

NEW for 2014! Receive everything in the $50 level, plus a general admission ticket to Adventure Aquarium, reusable "I helped save a penguin" tote, penguin magnet, pin, postcard, mug, thank you letter and sticker. More details...

PRICE: $100.00  Adventure Aquarium Icon

Online Store


Give the shark lover in your life the ultimate gift with their very own shark adoption. Package includes an official Certificate of Adoption for one of Adventure Aquarium's sharks, bio/fact sheet with sharks's name, history, identifying behaviors and personality traits, color photo of shark, shark tooth and plush shark. More details...

PRICE: $50.00  Adventure Aquarium Icon

Online StoreAdopt-a-Hippo

Now you can really give someone a Hippopotomaus for Christmas!  Package includes an official Certificate of Adoption for one of our two hippos - Button or Genny, a bio/fact sheet with the hippo's name, weight, date of birth and other interesting facts, photo of your new hippo pal, hippo painting print created by the fancy footwork of your hippo and an adorable plush! More details...

PRICE: $50.00  Adventure Aquarium Icon