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There's so much to see and do during a visit to Adventure Aquarium! Don't miss any of our great exhibits, live shows, feedings and more, including:

Educator Inlet ButtonTOUCH EXHIBITS
Don't just look - touch! Every child has a natural curiosity to explore, and children of all ages learn to truly appreciate nature by connecting with it by touch. Adventure Aquarium recognizes this and offers a number of exhibits catering to this desire to explore, including Gill's Grotto in our all-new KidZone, Stingray Beach Club, Touch-a-Shark, Creature Feature and more!


Throughout the day, Adventure Aquarium offers a number of free live shows, in which Aquarium cast members educate guests on a variety of animals, their behaviors and more. Learn the secrets of our largest exhibit and see scuba divers up close to find out what it's like to swim with massive sea turtles, a great hammerhead shark and larger than life stingrays during our Meet our Divers show. Be sure to check the show schedule for details and times upon arrival.

Enhance your visit to Adventure Aquarium by learning about animal feeding behaviors during one of our free live animal feedings. Catch a Hippo Feed and Talk, watch our penguins consume 20% of their body weight during a Penguin Feed and more. Be sure to check the show schedule for details and times upon arrival.

Be on the lookout for a special encounter with a rodent (guinea pig, chinchilla, degu, rabbit), reptile (terrapin, turtle) or bird (penguin, macaw, parrot) during one of our daily animal experiences. You never know what you'll see up close!