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Call us at 800.616.5297 or email us below to start planning your field trip to Adventure Aquarium today!

Educator Inlet

Educator Inlet

Book Now for the 2014-15 School Year

Imagine a 200,000 square foot classroom with over 2 million gallons of water and 8,500 amazing aquatic animals. Adventure Aquarium has all this to offer and more! Visiting the Aquarium with your students is a great way to bring education alive and learn more about marine environments.

AAQ Field Trip Planner

Learning opportunities, around every corner, are designed to inspire students to better understand and gain appreciation for marine life, food chains, life cycles and ecosystems. Hands-on TOUCH exhibits, multi-sensory displays, FREE live shows, guided tours and classroom programs, and impromptu animal experience occur daily. 

Plus, for a limited time only, book now and save! Schedule your 2014-15 field trip now to get this year's prices. Simply contact us at 1-800-616-5297 to discuss this special offer. 

Educator Inlet