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Special Needs


Adventure Aquarium and the Center for Aquatic Sciences are committed to providing an unforgettable education experience for all students. During your field trip, Aquarium cast members are always available throughout the building to assist you with special accommodations. 

Adventure Aquarium is fully accessible for students in wheelchairs. There are also a limited number of wheelchairs available at the information desk for use at no charge. A fully refundable $10 deposit is required. Wheelchairs cannot be reserved. They are on a first come, first served basis. 

Restrooms are conveniently located in the Lobby/Entrance, Zone B, Zone C and the Skyline Room. All are wheelchair accessible and large enough to accommodate a personal assistant. Please inquiry at the Information Desk if you require a larger family restroom.

Many of our exhibits include components that provide your students with a multisensory experience including various lights, colors, textures and sounds. Some encourage manipulation utilizing fine and gross motor skills. For a student in need of a quiet area, the Nursing Station located in in Zone B near the 4D Theater entrance is available.

Between September and March, the aquarium has smaller crowds and less noise, making it an ideal time to bring students.

Exhibit companions, chaperone guides and scavenger hunts have been developed by our educational partner, the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium. These resources will provide information and activities to help you prepare for your field trip, as well as focus and enhance your aquarium visit.  Center for Aquatic Sciences educators are available to answer questions and help with logistics to maximize your educational experience at Adventure Aquarium. Feel free to call 856-365-1023 or email for more information.


Educator Inlet IconI AM A SEASTAR!
This class uses imitation to encourage movement, vocalization, and creative thought. Students will be introduced to various marine animals, such as sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and sea stars, and invited to engage their imaginations by imitating their movements and sounds. This class does involve live animals, some of which students will be invited to touch. ICON

This lesson is for students fascinated by sea turtles and tortoises alike! Students will meet a few of our live turtles in residence and have the opportunity to touch some turtle-related artifacts. This class uses live animals without direct animal contact. ICON

Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Conservation, Symbiosis
Discover how reef animals live together and what makes these habitats so delicate and unique.


Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems
From the coral reef to the Australian desert; investigate some unique habitats and the amazing adaptations of several live animals.

Educator Inlet IconFABULOUS FISH
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Organisms
Dive into the fascinating underwater world of unusual and extraordinary fish, from sea horses to sharks!