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Special Needs

Special needs appropriate classes can be tailored to meet the interests of your learning support or integrated classroom. All classes are taught in a minimally distracting classroom. Classes move at a pace appropriate to students’ curiosity, and attempt to accommodate multiple learning styles.

Educator Inlet IconI AM A SEASTAR!
This class uses imitation to encourage movement, vocalization, and creative thought. Students will be introduced to various marine animals, such as sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and sea stars, and invited to engage their imaginations by imitating their movements and sounds. This class does involve live animals, some of which students will be invited to touch. 

What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? How fast is a sea turtle? Can a Snapping Turtle take off its shell? Students will meet a few of our turtles in residence, and have the opportunity to touch some related biofacts. This class uses live animals, with no direct animal contact. 

Included in Packages 2 & 4. Click here for pricing info. Limited to 30 students.