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Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons are included as options in Packages 2 & 4. Click here for pricing info. Limited to 30 students.

Educator Inlet ButtonANIMAL WRAPPERS
Key Concepts: Classification, Organisms, Habitats
Explore the diversity of "animal wrappers" and learn how an animal's covering helps it survive in its environment.

Educator Inlet IconFABULOUS FISH
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Organisms
Dive into the fascinating underwater world of unusual and extraordinary fish, from sea horses to sharks! 

Key Concepts: Birds, Adaptations, Conservation
Dip into the remarkable world of our feathered friends from the Southern Hemisphere and discover what makes these birds so special. *Note: live penguins not included in the class. 


Educator Inlet Educator Inlet ButtonFROG FANATICS!
This lesson is designed to complement the new FROGS! Nature's Messenger exhibit, opening in January. Explore an assortment of these awesome amphibians. Younger students will experience up-close encounters as they learn about the diversity of frogs, while older students will meet interesting amphibians and learn about frog conservation.


Educator Inlet IconRAINBOW REEF
Discover how some underwater animals use their colors to hide in reefs or scare away other animals. 

Educator Inlet Button

Your students will discover how animal sounds help the ocean as they learn from and listen to animal musical acts.