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Educator InletThere are always more new things to see and do at Adventure Aquarium! Check out what's NEW and COMING SOON during the 2014 - 2015 season:

New Educator InletNEW Education Programs
Available now!
Experience new Education Programs that will encourage your students to "Dive into Marine Careers," should "Hooray for Hippos!" or explore "Shark Myths." Students can also become "Frog Fanatics" in our new frog program.


Hippo HavenHippo Haven
Now open!
The river comes alive in this new and vibrant experience. Hippo Haven will immerse your students into an African river landscape full of colorful sights and sounds. Then students will get up close and eye-to-eye with Genny and Button, the stars of Hippo Haven. 

Dinosaurs of the Deep

Dinosaurs of the Deep 
Now open!
Dinosaurs of the Deep will feature a variety of realistic models and skeletons of the most intriguing sea monsters that ever lived, from prehistoric armored fish to the whales, sharks and turtles that inhabit our oceans today. Plus, meet living creatures that have inhabited planet Earth for millions of years, including the mysterious giant isopod, the elegant chambered nautilus and the magnificent giant octopus.

Sea monstersSea Monsters 4D
Now showing!
In Sea Monsters 4D, your students will follow a family of Dolichorhynchops, also known as “Dollies,” as they migrate through ancient seas populated with saber-toothed fish, prehistoric sharks, giant squid and the monstrous Tylosaurus, a predator with no enemies.

New Educator InletGreat White Shark 4D
Playing now!
This 20 minute 4D experience unravels the mystery of one of the ocean's most mysterious inhabitants. Plunge your students in the excitement, and explore this iconic predator on the verge of extinction. Travel around the world on a breathtaking encounter during Great White Shark 4D.