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Classroom Lessons

Available for Field Trip Packages 2 & 4

Adventure Aquarium offers a variety of Classroom Lessons for your students, available from grades K - 12. Classroom lessons are 30 minutes in length and are offered Monday - Friday from September 16, 2013 - June 13, 2014 between 10 am - 1:45 pm. Note: classes are not available between December 23 - January 3 and on major holidays. 

If you do not see a program that interests you, NJAAS staff would be happy to design a program especially for your class. Please call 856.365.1025 or email for information regarding this special service.


Educator Inlet Educator Inlet ButtonFROG FANATICS!
This lesson is designed to complement the new FROGS! Nature's Messenger exhibit, opening in January. Explore an assortment of these awesome amphibians. Younger students will experience up-close encounters as they learn about the diversity of frogs, while older students will meet interesting amphibians and learn about frog conservation. Grades K-8 only.


Educator Inlet ButtonANIMAL WRAPPERS
Key Concepts: Classification, Organisms, Habitats
Explore the diversity of "animal wrappers" and learn how an animal's covering helps it survive in its environment.

Educator Inlet IconFABULOUS FISH
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Organisms
Dive into the fascinating underwater world of unusual and extraordinary fish, from sea horses to sharks! 

Key Concepts: Birds, Adaptations, Conservation
Dip into the remarkable world of our feathered friends from the Southern Hemisphere and discover what makes these birds so special. *Note: live penguins not included in the class. 

GRADES 1 - 3:

Educator Inlet IconLIFE ON THE REEF
Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Conservation, Symbiosis
Discover how reef animals live together and what makes these habitats so delicate and unique.


Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Ecosystems
From the coral reef to the Australian desert; investigate some unique habitats and the amazing adaptations of several live animals.

Educator Inlet ButtonFOOD WEB FRENZY
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Food Webs, Predator/Prey Relationships
Investigate the complex world of food webs and uncover the amazing relationships between predator and prey!

GRADES 4 - 8:

Educator Inlet ButtonSHARKS!
Key Concepts: Habitats, Adaptations, Conservation
Discover the incredible diversity of sharks and the amazing characteristics that make these fish the top predators of the world's oceans. 

Educator Inlet Button

Key Concepts: Adaptations, Classification, Organisms 
Through some amazing live animals, see how having no bones can be an advantage (or disadvantage) for survival. 

Educator Inlet ButtonBUILT FOR CHANGE
Key Concepts: Adaptations, Habitats, Ecosystems
Compare and contrast animal adaptations and how they allow animals to survive our changing environment. 

GRADES 9 - 12:

Educator Inlet ButtonDIVE INTO MARINE CAREERS!Educator Inlet
Key Concepts: Careers, Marine Biology
Learn about the many and varied occupations found in an aquarium, and see what it takes to care for an animal collection. 


Educator Inlet IconI AM A SEASTAR!
This class uses imitation to encourage movement, vocalization, and creative thought. Students will be introduced to various marine animals, such as sea turtles, horseshoe crabs, and sea stars, and invited to engage their imaginations by imitating their movements and sounds. This class does involve live animals, some of which students will be invited to touch. 

What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? How fast is a sea turtle? Can a Snapping Turtle take off its shell? Students will meet a few of our turtles in residence, and have the opportunity to touch some related biofacts. This class uses live animals, with no direct animal contact. Included in Packages 2 & 4. Click here for pricing info. Limited to 30 students.