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Sign up today to volunteer with one of our conservation clean up efforts.

Get Involved

There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to join the Adventure Aquarium team and Fins for the Future on various conservation efforts in the area.



In coordination with the City of Camden, Adventure Aquarium employees assist with multiple clean ups throughout the City of Camden, as we work together to remove trash and waste from the streets, neighborhoods, parks and playgrounds. We take pride in where we work and live, and cleaning up our environment is a great way to start.  But with so much work to do and so many efforts to drive, the City needs all those who are looking to help, and when individuals become a volunteer for the City of Camden's Clean Campaign you make a resounding statement that you are not going to settle for less than a clean and beautiful community!  For more information, visit the City of Camden's Clean Campaign website.  Join us for an upcoming clean up.  Please check back and stay tuned for the 2012 schedule.



Would you like to help save horseshoe crabs? The horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus) population has been in steady decline over the past 20 years and is now close to being officially threatened. Adventure Aquarium has joined the research efforts now based out of the University of Delaware to try to understand this decline and take steps to reverse it. The reduction in horseshoe crabs has caused a decline in many species of migrating birds, who depend on the horseshoe crabs' nutritious eggs during their long journeys.

Adventure Aquarium staff helps count crabs around the new and full moons in May and June, since that is when most of the spawning is done. You can help when you are at the beach by turning over live crabs if they have flipped on their backs. It is best to place them back in the water. Additionally you can clean up debris found on the beach, since that debris disturbs the crabs' spawning activities. Sometimes simply explaining how valuable these animals are to the ecosystem to unaware beach walkers, especially children, also helps protect the crabs.