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Behind the Scenes Adventures

Immerse yourself in our watery world and get ready to experience the life aquatic at the Adventure Aquarium on the Waterfront. Now you can get hands-on, up close and more interactive than you ever imagined with these creatures of the sea. In our Aquarium Adventures program you can swim with the sharks, get up close with sea turtles, or go behind the scenes with our adorable penguins. So, shake off your fear. Take a deep breathe. And dive in for the adventure of your life. Adventures are by advanced reservation only - walk-in experiences are not able to be accommodated.




 Sea Turtles Up Close                              $125.00    
 Swim with the Sharks    
 Positively Penguins

CLICK HERE for detailed information on these behind-the-scenes experiences, as well as details on how to register.

Reservations should be made approximately two weeks in advance to ensure your preferred date. Full payment requires at the time of booking.